It’s Christmas time. Koofr, Degoo and Thunderdrive offer you 40% additional discount to store data on cloud. There are other deals (pCloud, Multcloud, Transfercloud) for your hoarding activities too. Enjoy New Year 2021 with more storage and new tools.

40% on Cloud Storage (up to 1TB with WebDAV support, or 15TB without) is back again. You need to use the coupon HOLIDAY40.

One of the most important aspect is to be sure you backup your data with multiple copies to multiple services. Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help you archive that, thanks to crazy deals for cloud storage.

Here a list of the best deals. Some deals are still available until New Year 2021 / Christmas (use the coupon HOLIDAY40 instead of APPS40, BFSAVE40, CMSAVE40)

pCloud 2TB lifetime deal for 245$. Finally we get back to the old price of pCloud. The best of pCloud? …

For the first time ever Multcloud launched a lifetime deal. Transfer unlimited data between cloud storage services thanks this Christmas 2020 / New Year 2021 deal.

We all know that Google changed policies, now they delete all files after 2 years of inactivity. Same for Google Photos, where they consider all new uploaded data inside the 15GB Google Drive space. Without considering the random deactivation by Facebook now.

To prevent bad situation, is always better to keep multiple copies. How? Rclone can help, but even Multcloud.

pCloud still offers their Cyber Monday or Black Friday lifetime deal. Get access to 500GB — 2TB of cloud storage with WebDAV support and background cloud backup feature. You can choose with or without Encryption.

Available for MacOS, iOS & iPadOS, and other devices too.

Top feature 1: WebDAV

Koofr has an amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020 offer: up to 1TB cloud storage for just 102$ (or 100GB for 18$), which is much less compared to pCloud deal (122.5$/TB).

You can keep such plans for the whole life. You can open multiple account too, if you need for example 10x1 TB = 10TB. You can not stack codes.

Available plans: 100GB, 250GB, 1TB and 2.5TB (after the purchase of 1TB plan)

Koofr offers different good features. Compared to pCloud, there is no auto backup of clouds in background. …

Manage and organize all your brand files in one easy-to-use, visual platform. Thanks this Brandox deal you get 150GB/brand (**up to 1.5TB for 59$ , or up to 15TB for 590$**) to manage 10 Brands/Workspaces (up to 100) for the whole life. The best solution to store your projects on the cloud and quick access them later thanks to the workspaces. Pro each brand you receive 150GB, this means 1.5TB for 10 Brands inside the 59$ plan and 15TB using 100 Brands with the 590$ plan. It’s wrong what they wrote in AppSumo “150GB per workspace”, because you get “150GB…


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