Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 Cloud Storage Deals: pCloud, Icedrive, Backblaze, OneDrive, Carbonite and more

10 min readNov 22, 2021


Cloud Storage is one of the most important need in 2021, especially now with 4–8K videos, COVID 19 and the digital lifestyle trend. Black Friday is always the best moment to grab additional cloud storage without need to pay thousand of dollars. In this article we will show you the best cloud storage solutions available for Black Friday 2021.

Before we start showing you all deals, remember that on Discord “CloudInactivity” you can get all informations to keep your account safe from ban, inactivity or other bad situations that are so trendy in the last years. To get other news and tips to backup or keep data safe you can follow RoadToPetabyte on Reddit / Discord / Telegram or AppleDataHoarding on Reddit / Discord / Telegram. We are on other socials too and launched in the last months different backup projects.

No matter if you just need 100GB or 5TB or unlimited cloud, we checked all solutions available. Let we start with WebDAV, because it allow easy transfer of data between different clouds. Plus you can backup your Mac to WebDAV clouds too, thanks rclone.


pCloud 2TB lifetime deal for 245$ or 500GB for 122.5$. Finally we get back to the old price of pCloud. The best of pCloud? You can backup Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive just in background, without need to buy additional services like Multcloud or using rclone. WebDAV:

pCloud 2TB + Encryption Cyber Monday 2021 deal is now available for 350$


Last year they offered a 2TB plan and decided to increase cloud storage prices this year. Now they offer 2 different cloud lifetime plans: 799$ for 8TB (100$/TB) or 459$ for 3TB (153$/TB). [💾Backup Webpage]

Icedrive Mac App is not the best one and is limited in usage. Only compatible with MacOS Catalina and newer versions. WebDAV is available only for premium users under You can enjoy Icedrive thanks WebDAV.


This year Koofr dropped the 40% additional discount on Koofr 1TB (169.99$), 250GB (59.99$) and 100GB (29.99$) lifetime plans. We still think this is an amazing cloud storage service, no matter the price. You can still try yourself to apply all such codes BFSAVE40, CMSAVE40, APPS40, VIPSALE40, HOLIDAY40, but probably they don’t work.

Internxt will release a WebDAV support soon.

Internxt offers 10TB for 499€ lifetime (50€/TB), 5TB for 299€ (60€/TB), 1TB for 99€. They still offer 10TB for 299€ or 5TB for 299€.

There is a 10TB lifetime plan with infinite members for 99€ offer too.

Monthly 2TB subscriptions are discounted (50%) too.

Internxt is on AppSumo too with up to 5TB plans + 10% or 10$ discount

For Black Friday there is a surprise deal on their website.

For the following sales you can try different additional codes:
[1]: BFSAVE40 , CMSAVE40 , APPS40 , VIPSALE40 , HOLIDAY40 with 40% discount or APPS30 with 30%

40% on Cloud Storage is now available for some Stack Social products with BFSAVE40.

Reviews and experiences about cloud storage are available and will be published in future on AppleDataHoarding or RoadToPetabyte.

75% discount on 4Sync 1 TB plan (50$, 1y)

ASUS WebStorage offers 1 year for free! (40$ for 2TB, 2y) or 1TB for 17$ (1y)

They offer even 1TB for 19.5$ (1y) and 500GB for 13.5$ (1y) too.

50% on Backblaze with the code BLAZEON21. Enjoy unlimited cloud backup to backup all data on your Macs and external drive. You need to connect external drive at least once pro month, otherwise you lose all data.

DataHoarding on Telegram

50% discount on Acronis Premium with 1TB (87.5€), 2TB (115.5€), 3TB (143.5€), 4TB (171.5€), 5TB (199.5€) or Advanced with 500GB for 65€ with 3 devices or 63€ for 1 device. Acronis True Image Cyber Protect Essentials for 35–50$ with 50% discount.

40% discount on Carbonite Basic (50$, 1y), Plus(72$, 1y) and Prime (90$, 1y). With Carbonite you can backup unlimited files on your Mac.

36% discount on Setapp with Dropshare Cloud and over 230 other Mac Apps (69$) + 30–40% discount, check [1]

Dropshare allow you to easy share data from menu bar. It supports all such clouds: Google Drive / GWorkspace / Gsuite, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, WeTransfer, SCP, SFTP, FTP, WebDAV (for example Icedrive, Koofr, FilesFM, 1&1, Magenta, pCloud, Jottacloud, Yandex Disk, Microsoft OneDrive, Box), Dropshare Cloud, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Backblaze B2, Rackspace Cloud Files, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, MinIO, Filebase, Scaleway Object Storage, Alibaba Object Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Linode Object Storage and all S3 API-compliant services (AWS, Alibaba, Ceph, Digital Ocean, Dreamhost, IBM COS, Minio, Scaleway, StackPath, Tencent COS, Wasabi, etc.).

16% discount on lifetime cloud storage plans by Filen: 370€ for 5TB, 170€ for 2TB, 70€ for 500GB.

53% discount on G Cloud Mobile Backup (100$, unlimited for 3y) or 50% on yearly plans: 30$/y for unlimited storage instead of 6$ pro month, 20$/y for 1TB and 10$/y for 100GB

86% discount on Familio unlimited photos backup (40$)+ 30–40% discount, check [1]

1TB for 1$ (1y) thanks HiDrive Cloud Storage by Ionos

Backup 10 TB on iDrive for just 4$ (1y)

25% discount on LeitzCloud + 250GB for free

74% discount on Microsoft 365 Family with 6TB OneDrive (50€), available for 49 CHF in Switzerland

60% on NordLocker 500GB (3.19$/m) or 2TB (7.99$/m) plans with encryption protection.

69% discount on Polarbackup (110$, unlimited for 3y)

There is even an offer 1€/m (first year) for unlimited cloud storage (1 user). [💾Backup Webpage]

Nextcloud Server thanks Rootpal Cloud 100GB for 129$, 200GB for 258$, 300GB for 387$. Do you need 1TB? You need to pay 1290$ + 10% or 10$ discount

30% discount on Tab Digital with NEW2021

81% discount on Treasure Cloud 4TB (10–170$, 1–5y)

50% on Zoolz Cloud Backup for Business

1 TB for 100€/y, 2TB for 200€ and 5TB for 500€. You can buy up to 200TB+.

Alibaba Black Friday deals and this [💾Backup Webpage, 2]

Firebase 3TB for 3 months free with BLACKFRIDAY21

50% discount on 50GB (4.5$/m forever) [Video Host]

72% discount on (49$, 1y) [unlimited video backup storage; Vimeo alternative] + 30–40% discount, check [1]

For the following sales you can try different additional codes:
[1]: BFSAVE40 , CMSAVE40 , APPS40 , VIPSALE40 , HOLIDAY40 with 40% discount or APPS30 with 30%


A lot of people probably know Degoo, thanks to the 100GB free (or better 105GB). In the last days they even release new crazy plan like 50TB (299.99$), 35TB (249.99$), 25TB (199.99$), 2x10TB (159$). The classic lifetime plans 10TB (99.99$), 3TB (69.99$), 2TB (59.99$), 1TB (49.99$) are available too. 30-40% additional discount, check [1].

We personally don’t suggest Degoo as main backup solution because the services work really bad, the Mac App is discontinued, uploading files is limited, they delete your paid account for inactivity and they ban you for wrong copyright, see more here.

I already own a GSuite or GWorkspace account, why do i need an additional cloud storage? As we showed you before Koofr, pCloud, FilesFM, Icedrive support WebDAV for easy data transfer between clouds, this mean you can backup most important GDrive data to such Clouds

For the following sales you can try different additional codes:
[1]: BFSAVE40 , CMSAVE40 , APPS40 , VIPSALE40 , HOLIDAY40 with 40% discount or APPS30 with 30%

Not interested on a second cloud solution? No problem! Transfercloud is able to download directly website/movies/torrents to GSuite, or to move data between clouds. Now discounted 30-40%, see [1].

20% discount on Offcloud subscriptions with BF-2021, which allow you to download medias from different Websites to Google Drive / Gsuite / GWorkspace, Dropbox, FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneDrive Business,, pCloud, Wasabi, WebDAV

Up to 55% discount on Multcloud plans. Multcloud is a service to transfer data between clouds like Google Drive/Gsuite/Google Workspace, Google Photos, pCloud, Mega, Backblaze, OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Box, Box Business, BaiDu, Flickr, HiDrive, Yandex, Mediafire, Evernote, Amazon S3, hubiC, ownCloud, MySQL, Egnyte, Putio, Adrive, SugarSync, WEB.DE, CloudME, MyDrive, NAS, FTP, WebDAV based (for example Icedrive, Koofr, FilesFM, 1&1, Magenta, pCloud, Jottacloud, Yandex Disk, Microsoft OneDrive, Box). Lifetime deal is 25% cheaper compared to 2020 deal.

2 years Premiumize Black Friday plan for 100$.

Discover other Web Apps, Mac Apps and more here.

Ⓜ️ 40% discount on Boxcryptor with BOOST40N: Personal 28.8CHF/y or 21.6CHF/y (3y). Business 57.6CHF/1y or 43.2CHF/y (3y)

Boxcryptor encrypts your sensitive files and folders in Dropbox, Google Drive/Gsuite/GWorkspace, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, SharePoint Online, Telekom Magenta CLOUD, Amazon S3, CloudMe, Dracoon, Egnyte, GMX, HubiC, LeitzCloud, Livedrive, NAS, Local Storage,,, Nextcloud, Nutstore, ownCloud, SpiderOak One, Storegate, Strato HiDrive, SugarSync,, Yandex.Disk

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69% on Cubbit Cloud Storage

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